Hands up in celebration

Longboarding the Banks-Vernonia Trail

Hands up in celebration of another great ride!

Jamison, Ethan,1 and I longboarded twice2 from Tophill down to Buxton3 on the Banks-Vernonia Trail. A fair number of bikes4 and pedestrians joined in the fun.

Jamison took a bunch of videos using his new Yi action cam5 and snapped some stills with it, too. I’m looking forward to his video edits. Stay tuned…


Update: Jamison’s video is live!

  1. Ethan is the master of riding fast and looking fast. One trick I learned is to wear an untucked and unbuttoned shirt. When it flaps in the breeze, you look fast. Being able to “match” a plaid shirt with plaid shorts is just bonus! ;-) 
  2. It takes a few trips between Buxton and Tophill to reposition the cars, longboards, and longboarders. 
  3. It’s 5 miles each time. That’s 10 miles on the longboard — a good day. :-) 
  4. One fat-tire bicyclist was so enamored by my steeze that he couldn’t avoid heading my direction. Fortunately, there was (barely) enough pavement left over to sneak by. 
  5. Not an ad, just a hopeful observer of the consumer. The price and specs seemed right. We’ll see. 

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