Machine Learning Links

The past couple of days, I read a couple of long articles about some issues surrounding machine learning:1


Update. Before you assume I think machine learning is all doom and gloom, rest assured. I don’t.

Image from @swiftonsecurity on Tumblr.

2 responses to “Machine Learning Links”

  1. shelby Avatar

    great links. read the alien knowledge in azeems links ( but i’m working through the rest of your list. very cool stuff.

    if our machine overlords explain what they’re up to, will we actually trust them?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks for the pointer to Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View. It looks good. I read Dave Pell’s NextDraft. If you’re not reading it, I recommend adding it to your list.

    Will we trust our machine overlords if they explain their reasoning? I think we’ll trust them, even if they don’t, until something goes wrong. Then there will be a huge overreaction. For example, imagine if when a self-driving car does something horribly wrong. When the public asks why and the engineers answer, “We don’t know why and the car can’t tell us,” how long until people start pressuring the government to ban self-driving cars?