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I am an immigrant

My tagline is now a single word: immigrant.

I am saddened this is now a political statement, but there it is.

Maybe you think I’m a “good” immigrant because of the color of my skin or my religion or the nationality or citizenship of my parents when I was born. Or maybe it’s the country where I was born. Or maybe how little time I spent in that country. Maybe even because I wasn’t a refugee?

If you’re excusing my immigrant status for any of those reasons, I think you need to ask yourself why.

2 responses to “I am an immigrant”

  1. Laurin Pestes Avatar
    Laurin Pestes

    I’m also an immigrant, complacent 3rd generation, touched by the recent super bowl ad.

    I’m saddened at turning people away, but also by the broken social structures that drive individuals to take such risks.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Laurin, I bet you’re less complacent than you used to be. I think America should continue to work to improve conditions around the world and to be open to refugees.

    America is better when the world is better. World conditions are not a zero sum game.