Fetching the Christmas Tree, 2016

A decorated tree

A week earlier than usual, our Christmas season has arrived–today we cut down our Christmas tree.1Btw, we had to find a new Christmas tree farm. We couldn’t verify that the one we’ve been going to the last 5-6 years was going to be open today. Heather found Sunny Day Tree Farm. Beautiful trees, great selection (even the 10-11 footers that we want), free hot chocolate, and they haul your tree to the parking lot for you. We’ll be back next year. After getting it home, we set it up. New LED lights obtained and strung, traditional ribbons wrapped around, and memories in the form of ornaments suspended from its limbs.

Now, we’re watching Miracle on 34th Street,2The newer one, we’ll watch the older one later in the season? drinking hot chocolate, and eating peppermint ice cream. A longer Christmas season sounds like a win to me. :-)

By Brent Logan

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