Bombing Tabor to close the summer

A day or two ago, Jamison asked me if I could longboard Mt. Tabor with him on Wednesday. As Jamison is getting ready to head off to college, that was a definite yes.

The last time I’d downhilled was in April, so I was a little nervous.1 The first couple of runs helped both of us get back in the groove. By our last run, we were again feeling comfortable and relaxed.2

We met some other skaters and bombed the hill a couple of times with them. They are definitely faster than we are, but it was still great.3

Although I took both boards, I used the drop mount because that’s the one I’m more comfortable with. It’s the one I ride during lunch, pushing through Hillsboro.4

I skated from the top for the first time. Other than a wet, chundery patch in the middle parking lot, the top portion is easier than the bottom.

I feel like I’m a few more skate sessions and a full-face helmet from next year’s Mt. Tabor Classic. :-)


  1. Okay, I was terrified, but that’s okay. :-) 
  2. I don’t understand it, but faking being relaxed helps the board run smooth underneath me. Tense up and it wants to jitter around. It’s a lot more fun actually being relaxed, though. 
  3. I bombed the hill doing the “Ethan”: wear an untucked, unbuttoned shirt — its flapping in the breeze gives the illusion of speed and looks cool. :-D 
  4. I think it’s time to make the transition, though, and keep one more focused on push and the other on downhill. Or not. ;-) 

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Whew! Oh my! It does look like a lot of fun but it takes more courage than I have at the present time. Or at least courage to spare!

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