Watching the start of the parade

Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade 2016

We love the Fourth of July around here. The parade is a don’t miss, with marching bands, fire trucks, tractors, electric cars, dogs, and lots of people. This being an election year, I would have expected more politicians. And there were some, but the top of the ticket wasn’t emphasized if even mentioned. :-)

Usually, I take scenic or abstract pictures, but the Fourth is the one day of the year I take people pictures of people. Sitting on the curb with a longish lens, I enjoy taking candids of those in and watching the parade. These are just a few of the shots.

Today’s parade was extra special. As my senator Ron Wyden walked by, I jumped up and shook his hand. He asked my name. Sorry, no pictures of that. Guess I should have asked for a selfie with him.

It was a good parade. :-)

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