Worry is an abuse of the imagination.


I like to know the source of the quotes I post. If you search the Internet, you’ll find many sources for this quote or its close variations. Dan Zadra seems to win in the number of attributions (though he replaces “abuse” with “misuse”). Zadra being an author, I figured I’d use Google Books to find the first time he put it in print. That’s when I discovered even more uses, including Zig Ziglar quoting Mary C. Crowley, who it turns out, is quoting her grandmother. That sounded likely older than Zadra’s undated first use. Putting the results in chronological order made it easy to discover that Google places the first use in the 1933 publication, The Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy. Unless Dan Zadra is a lot older than he looks, I’m going to say this predates his first use.

Yeah, this note is much longer than the post. No worries… ;-)

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