Top speed: 30.33 mph

I PR’d Mt. Tabor

I have had trouble longboarding faster than 30 mph, last year’s braggy post notwithstanding. I had hoped that a new board with some awesome wheels would get me over the hump … but it was not to be.

Then I noticed something new on Longboard SpeedMeter — a mark indicating where a run’s maximum speed occurred. All I needed was a little tighter tuck a little uphill of that spot1That, and the absence of toddlers and chihuahuas loose on the hillbut that’s apparently being a little unrealistic. :-/ and let gravity do the rest.

When a couple more runs didn’t quite get me there, I brought out my older board and cranked the trucks down tight for a solid tucking platform.

That did the trick!2Next steps probably should be yoga so I can hold a tuck longer and a full-face helmet so I don’t bomb the hill contemplating what it would feel like to do a face plant. ;-)


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