1. I thought I had signed up for your posts but since I could only get the half sentence above that maybe I had been dropped so I tried to subscribe again only to be told I am already. So I don’t understand what your current post means. Any chance I could get a few more words?

  2. Actually I do know that you are flying east ……but you are either on a rocket ship or have a 200 mph tailwind. Don’t understand “45”. Hope that helps.

  3. Yeah, this post is abstruse. :-D

    45 mph is the speed limit for the road between the Hillsboro airport and my “photo spot,” where I’ve taken way too many shots, including this one, and is my normal route to my morning ritual.

    725 mph is the speed I’m traveling merely by being on the surface of the rotating Earth. One full rotation per day multiplied by the cosine of my latitude yields this speed. At sunrise, this speed is toward the sun. The Earth isn’t a rocket ship, but it’s certainly a spacecraft. :-)

    I’m not sure I understand your comment about your email subscription. MailChimp indicates that you indeed opened your email for this post. Which makes sense, as how else would you know about this post? I didn’t share it on Facebook. Anyway, if you still have questions, let me know.

    Thanks for visiting!

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