Longboarding 101 by Robin McGuirk

Longboarding 101 Class – Mt.Tabor Portland, OR

Last summer, Jamison and I took Longboarding 101 from Robin McGuirk.1 What a blast! Prior to the class, I’d tried going downhill on my longboard only a couple of times. I definitely needed a class. :-)

By the end of the summer, Jamison and I were bombing Mt. Tabor. Thanks, Robin!

Robin just released a video advertising his class and it shows a lot of the students from last summer’s classes, including Jamison and me.2

Class starts this next Wednesday. We’re not going to have time this session, but hope to hit the hill once or twice when the class is there. Maybe next session.


  1. Robin also designs longboards and owns Eastside Longboards
  2. What’s even more fun, is that SkateSlate posted the video. Haha! I never dreamed there’d be a video of me downhilling on SkateSlate. :-D 

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