Longboarding 101 by Robin McGuirk

Last summer, Jamison and I took Longboarding 101 from Robin McGuirk.1Robin also designs longboards and owns Eastside Longboards. What a blast! Prior to the class, I’d tried going downhill on my longboard only a couple of times. I definitely needed a class. :-)

By the end of the summer, Jamison and I were bombing Mt. Tabor. Thanks, Robin!

Robin just released a video advertising his class and it shows a lot of the students from last summer’s classes, including Jamison and me.2What’s even more fun, is that SkateSlate posted the video. Haha! I never dreamed there’d be a video of me downhilling on SkateSlate. :-D

Class starts this next Wednesday. We’re not going to have time this session, but hope to hit the hill once or twice when the class is there. Maybe next session.


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