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Traveling up the Gorge to Walla Walla, I took a few detours along the way to snap some shots.1Instead of pictures of Oregon peaks out of plane windows, prepare to be inundated with pictures from the Gorge. :-)

Multnomah Falls is always a great stop and today was no exception. The falls were full, taking my breath away just beyond the bridge.2In more ways than one. The blowing cold mist made breathing difficult.

I haven’t stopped at Mayer State Park at Rowena for a while. My earlier pictures are dark and moody. Other than all the dead fish on the beach, today’s mood was much brighter.

Although I didn’t bring my longboard,3Nor do I have the requisite skills, courage, or protective equipment, though it’s on my bucket list. I had to stop at the overlook by Maryhill Loops Road, if for no other reason than to forward the picture to Jamison and Instagram.

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  1. Yes. I was going to inspect the bridge, but forgot when I was there. I just went and look at the news stories about the damage and the pictures show a bunch of moss on the bridge. Stories on the repair say there was a “sealer coat” applied. I wonder if it was clear or pigmented.

    And btw, it was more than just the railing—there was quite a chunk from the deck, too.

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