“Tripod” update

I spent a little more time last night polishing my take on the Slopes tripod. In the process, I noticed there’s still more work to do. I expect this prototype will not be my last. My concerns are:

  1. I haven’t accounted for tolerances. Maybe I’ll need to make the openings 0.5 mm larger.1It’s time to get some calipers so I can accurately measure the printed article to compare with the design. Right now, even though I’ve printed two (and waiting for the third) footstops, I don’t know whether printed articles are oversized, undersized, or what. With OpenSCAD, this would be relatively easy to do increasing the size of three objects by 0.5 mm on two dimensions each. With 123D Design, and the diagonal cuts on this design, I’ll have to do 0.25 mm tweaks on fourteen surfaces.
  2. The Slopes tripod has at least one relief cutout adjacent the shutter release. I’m going to inspect and measure Jamison’s GoPro camera and to see whether this effort is necessary.

I think the Slopes tripod is a great idea. I’m planning on getting a ReplayXD Prime X camera, even though its image quality is a little lower than the GoPro’s because the Prime X is much lower profile. I think I’m going to try making a low-profile tripod for a cylindrical action camera.

By Brent Logan

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