Maryhill Festival of Speed Videos

Maryhill Festival of Speed Videos

This past summer, Jamison and I went to the Maryhill Festival of Speed. Going through Moonshine MFG’s videos, I discovered that we have fleeting roles in a couple of them.

You can see Jamison in the crowd at :20 (and the top of my head).

Jamison and I are taking pictures from the sidelines at 2:10.

Looks like fun! :-)

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2 responses to “Maryhill Festival of Speed Videos”

  1. Laurin Pestes Avatar
    Laurin Pestes

    Too wild for me, but on bicycle rides I’ve watched crazies attempting the same without closing the road or setting up bales. Stay safe.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    The racers in these videos are much better protected than any bicycle racer:

    • They’re wearing full leathers
    • They’re wearing full face helmets
    • They’re wearing slide gloves that protect their hands and let them put a stabilizing hand down without injury
    • They’re not attached to a bicycle
    • Falls can be from a low height

    Unfortunately, I don’t have leathers or full face helmet, but I also wear knee and elbow pads.

    Maryhill is a great hill because no sliding is required — just the fearlessness to go full speed down the hill. I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe when I get better.