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My first downhill slides

Last November, Jamison and I bought longboards. It’s been one of our best decisions ever. Jamison and I spend lots of fun time together, terrorizing the neighborhoods and riding to downtown Hillsboro.

I’m much more comfortable just pushing around the neighborhoods, staying on the relatively flat.1 Jamison is a lot more skilled and has learned how to slide, both standing up and with a slide glove on the ground. To enhance and use his skills, Jamison goes with friends to some nearby hills.

Today, Jamison went to Switchbacks with a neighbor. I stayed home — at least I did until Jamison called asking if I could bring him his spare car key. I figured his call was kismet. In addition to Jamison’s spare key, I packed my board, my skate tool, my pads, my homemade slide gloves, and my helmet.

My metric for when a hill is too fast is simple: if my board goes faster than I can run, I’m in trouble; there’s no way I can jump off my board without falling. Switchbacks is too fast to just ride so I had to try to slide the longboard, something I’d never done before.

After a few times down Switchbacks with multiple slides,2 I’m not as afraid. And thanks to the pads, I didn’t come home with too much damage.

I’m looking forward to the next time Jamison and I go to Switchbacks. :-)

  1. After all, I’m an old dude, and I haven’t really ridden skateboards or longboards before last year. 
  2. And not all of the slides on the board… ;-) 

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