Portland waterfront under the Marquam Bridge

Marquam Bridge

I claimed it was possible to take a pretty picture of the Marquam Bridge. I think I might have cheated…1 ;-)

Many pictures of the Marquam that you see online are taken from upper floor of the VA hospital, OHSU, or the Portland aerial tram. That could be fun.

  1. I’m not sure this one is much better. 

Author: Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “Marquam Bridge”

  1. Hi Brent,

    Nice to see you have been active on the blog and thanks for sharing the pictures of Portland’s icons. We should meet up for coffee later in the week and chat.


  2. Prakash, I’m glad you like the pictures of Portland. Portland has more than its share of beautiful sights and I love visiting them and trying to capture a unique view.

    Getting together would be awesome. My contact information is listed t the left (or under the “hamburger” icon on the upper right, if you’re viewing this on a small screen).

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