Ten Year Blogiversary

Ten years ago, I started this blog with a post about earthquake monitors.1The 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami struck five days later. Now, 2,304 posts later, I’m still blogging.

Over the years, this blog has gone through a lot of change. Quoting my about page:

I used be a “serious” blogger and wrote about politics and religion. Now I’m a snapshooter extraordinaire who takes pictures of the sky, buildings, and Dawson Creek Park. I also write about family vacations, bicycling, and other fun stuff we do.

Most of my posts are still available2I’ve deleted a couple of parodies that were likely to be misinterpreted. The Internet lynch mob has a limited sense of humor, no recognition of irony, and an insatiable appetite for outrage. No reason to feed the monster if I can avoid it. in the archives.3Yeah, the archives page is a little slow. I haven’t found a faster archives plugin that makes it so easy to access all the posts, so I put up with the slowness. Some of the posts I’m embarrassed about.4I haven’t deleted them–yet. Others, I’m amazed I took the time to write. The posts I enjoy the most are those about family vacations and pictures I’ve taken. I try to remember that when I click publish.

I expect to continue blogging, although I now repost a lot of my content elsewhere, and elsewhere is where most of my online interaction takes place.5I even experimented a couple of times with removing the comments from my blog. As I haven’t had to worry about comment trolls, I reactivated the comment section, and wait patiently for someone to comment. ;-)

I wonder what changes the next ten years will bring to blogging.

By Brent Logan

Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer. More about Brent.

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  1. Congratulations on 10 years.

    I came across your blog (entirely randomly) while generating the annual reports for Jetpack and doing a little random testing.

    You’ll get an email linking to your report next week, but I thought I’d drop you a link sooner just for fun: [redacted]

    Hope you continue to keep blogging on WordPress for a second decade. Happy New Year!

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