Labor Day Kayaking

Labor Day afternoon, we kayaked the Willamette, embarking at Willamette Park. The river was lower than the last time.1 The northern dock wasn’t in the water until its end and we weren’t able to go between Hardtack and East islands. Instead, we crossed closer to the floating houses and went father around the islands before deciding to turn around. Along the way, we watched the other paddlers, the bicyclists on the river path, and the train. We heard those at Oaks Parks screaming as their rides swung around.2

I’m even more convinced than ever that I need my own kayak.

  1. And the sky was bluer. :-) 
  2. And were glad we were on kayaks. 

Author: Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day Kayaking”

  1. Love your photos from the kayak. We also are longingly looking at some form of water transportation. Not sure how this going to happen yet… but we live in a land of lots of water and many interesting islands to explore. Never was a good swimmer.

  2. There are all sorts of ways to get out to the water. Kayaks are fun because they are so light and personal. You don’t need any facilities to get them in the water. Ideally, just a path and a pair of wheels to balance the kayak on to roll it to the water.

    You don’t need to be a swimmer, just not someone who panics in the water. We always wear a lifevest on the water. Some upper body strength is also good for getting back in the kayak should you ever tip (we never have, but you should plan on the eventuality).

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