Biking recap for September 2014

My September Bicycling Accomplishments

  • Not much a month to write home about,1 as I biked only 144 miles. I biked that low mileage even though this is BTA Bike Commute Challenge month.2 I got sick at the beginning of the month, working from home for much of a week and then I took a week’s vacation without my bike. That probably explains why my distance was about half what I would have expected.
  • I have biked 2,274 miles so far in 2014. At this rate, I will get 3,032 miles for the entire year. Assuming I don’t get sick or take more long vacations without a bike (not likely), I should hit 3,000 miles.
  • I didn’t even take many pictures on my bike rides in September. Here are the only two I took on a bike ride, one from this morning and the blood donation picture stretches the category:

Mileage Summary

Distance Time / Bike
144 Biked in September3
2,274 Biked in 20144
4,127 Biked on Sage5

How is your 2014 so far on the bike?

Keep pedaling!

  1. And yet, I will… ;-) 
  2. I just got razzed by one of my teammates for my pitiful performance. :-D 
  3. 4,196 – 4,052 
  4. 4,196 – 1,922 
  5. 4,196 + 75 

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