Biking Recap for July 2014

My July Bicycling Accomplishments

  • This wasn’t much of an accomplishment for me, but another big thank-you to Hillsboro’s Bike N’ Hike. I broke two spokes on my rear wheel within the span of a fortnight. The second time I questioned whether it would make more sense to get a brand new wheel. Maybe mine had a bent rim that couldn’t be straightened without undue stress on a spoke or two. They suggested cutting out all the spokes and completely rebuilding the wheel instead of just replacing the single broken spoke. I was imagining the shop fee involved and asked whether it would be cheaper to just replace the wheel.1I bought a new rear wheel before. Bike N’ Hike treated me well then, too. :-) Of course not, was the reply. They weren’t going to charge me. When I pressed, they said I could show my appreciation with a six-pack of Henry’s. Thank you!

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
299Biked in July23,590 – 3,291
1,668Biked in 201433,590 – 1,922
3,665Biked on Sage43,590 + 75

How is your 2014 so far on the bike?

Keep pedaling!