One Year On Sage

One year ago, my family surprised me with a new bike for Fathers’ Day. They’re pretty awesome that way. :-)

Since then, I’ve ridden “Sage” quite a bit1 and bragged2 quite a bit on the way. Here’s my year in review.

  • I biked 3,207 miles. The number seemed really big to me, but then I looked at some math. At nine miles each round trip, I get more than 2,100 miles just on my daily commute. With lunch rides and a family vacation where I rode 200 miles in a week, the miles really add up.
  • I went through some parts: 1.5 sets of tires, 1.5 sets of brakes, and a chain. Rotating the tires probably could have made them last longer, but it’s amazing how much broken glass was embedded in my tires3 by the time I swapped them out. I probably should have gone through more brake pads. I’ve heard of going through a chain, but had never done it before. I do clean and oil my chain at least once a month, but in the winter, should probably do it a lot more often. Oh, and I broke a spoke. When I had it repaired, they were surprised it had been my first.4
  • We went “low car.”5 When our family minivan finally died after 295,502 miles, we didn’t replace it. Suzi now drives the CRV; I bike.
  • I slowed down a bit. I used to think I commuted at 15-18 mph. Yeah, maybe. But that was in a more hunched down, uncomfortable posture. Now I sit up and enjoy the view. I stop at Starbucks on the way.6 I take a bunch of pictures.7 And when someone blows by me, I think of Linda Ronstadt.8

Year two starts now. I wonder where Sage will take me. :-)

  1. I guess I’m awesome that way… ;-) 
  2. Or “shared personal accomplishments with close friends and family.” I like it! 
  3. And not causing flats. Bike commuting tires are awesome these days. 
  4. I didn’t take it as a weight comment, I’m just tall. And I’ve stopped jumping so many curbs. 
  5. Well, as low car as a family can go when all the kids have their own cars. But they use them. 
  6. Yeah, I’ve done that for a while, not just the last year… 
  7. Ditto
  8. Yup, and her song, “Blew By You.” 

By Brent Logan

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Thanks! Yes, Sage is much more comfortable. After all, on a bike, the journey can be as important (more important?) than the destination. Might as well enjoy it. :-)

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