Thanks to my friend Bethani, I just started learning Spanish on Duolingo. So far, I’m on a four-day streak. Why, you might ask? As I answered on Facebook:

It’s only a five minute commitment each day,1But I’m doing more? and you can learn useful phrases like, “I am not a girl” and “I drink wine.” Those are useful additions to phrases I already know, like, “I do not speak Spanish” and “I like a beer, please.” Besides, research is showing that learning a second language keeps the brain sharp, may prevent/delay Alzheimer’s, and makes you irresistible. Well, I made up that last one, but I’m sure it’s true. Just ask mi novia, Suzi. ;-)

I’m using both my smartphone and computer for the course. My phone is more convenient, but my computer doesn’t have autocorrect, so it forces me to learn the spellings.

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    But I’m doing more?
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