Biking Recap for June 2014

It’s the end of the month and time for me to recap how far I’ve biked this month and any major accomplishments. Sorry, but this was a fairly boring month on the bike. A little midday rain stopped me from riding as much during lunch,1I don’t like having wet feet at work and don’t have dedicated cycling shoes. yet I didn’t get rained on during commuting, just a little heavy misting on a couple of mornings.

My June Bicycling Accomplishments

Mileage Summary

DistanceTime / Bike
306Biked in June23,291 – 2,985
1,369Biked in 201433,291 – 1,922
3,366Biked on Sage42,985 + 75

How is your 2014 so far on the bike?

Keep pedaling!

By Brent Logan

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