Kaylad-e Trike


The Kaylad-e trike by Niavis Design looks really cool and fun. The stability of two front wheels would be nice on slippery days. Not having to put a foot down at intersections1At which I stop. No comment. would be a new experience. Integrated lights, fenders, security, and storage make this a serious 3+ season transportation vehicle.

I’m concerned about the Kaylad-e’s width. Bike lanes are not designed nor maintained for anything other than bicycles. I’m always dodging trash.2And roadkill. Eww. :-/ On a bike, it’s no big deal; I’m still in the bike lane. On a trike? I think I’d end up in the car lane a lot more often.

I’m curious about the Kaylad-e’s weight. I like the bragging rights of providing all my power. If the trike is too heavy, I would have to use the motor to get up some hills or more.

Finally, along with its width comes wind resistance. Maybe it’s not much more than a bike, but I notice the wind sitting upright on my city bike and can feel a real difference if I crouch down into a more aerodynamic position.3Which, for me, is uncomfortable and not near as fun. I like sitting upright and looking around while I bike. With the distances I bike, I’d rather get there a little later than suffer.

I’d like to see this become reality if only to take it for a test ride.4I just wonder whether it’s as practical as a cycle truck.

By Brent Logan

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