My Favorite Posts of 2013

As I look back over my posts from 2013, these are my favorites.1

Long(ish)-Form Blogging

Sometimes I post more than a picture or what I’m doing. These are some (most?) of this type of post.


Once in a while, I post others’ words. I like these especially well.

Family Stuff

Here is some of the more family-specific stuff.


Some of what I post is part of a series. Clicking the hashtag at the end of a post will show you every post having that hashtag.

  • #gif — animated GIFs I made
  • #flight — photos from planes
  • #odometer — I brag about how far I’ve biked
  • #give blood — won’t you join me in giving blood?
  • #Dawson Creek — most of these are pictures I take while biking to work
  • #Mousse — Ashley gets a chocolate lab

  1. Though not necessarily the most popular. Seth Godin writes about the difference between best and popular. Good stuff! 
  2. If you’re the type to read footnotes, you’ll notice the WSJ nearly passed. 

By Brent Logan

Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer. Ally. MoreĀ aboutĀ Brent.

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