Rock Creek Trail Park

Today’s bike ride had such potential. I was going to ride my longer loop to Cedar Hills Blvd., maybe even extend it up to Skyline for some pretty serious (for me) bragging rights. And then I felt a couple of rain drops just beyond 185th. So I wimped, turned around, and got a hot drink instead. Mmm… :-) c[_]

It’s okay. I’m at 1,850 miles for the year. I still haven’t driven to work. But winter is coming.

And I found time to take some pictures at Rock Creek Trail Park. It’s not the first time.

2 responses to “Rock Creek Trail Park”

  1. Troy Avatar

    Not as Green as the first time.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Nope. Though it didn’t look quite as dismal as the picture. But this is closer to how it felt.