The Things I Don’t Know About Nail Polish

Okay, so I have a teal1 fingernail for ovarian cancer awareness month and to honor someone special. This morning I thought it was time to add a second coat, spiff it up a little for church so it would look real nice.

I painted on the second coat, all by myself,2 waited, put it under cold water. All is good … or so I thought.

At church I rubbed the nail,3 and a blob of the second coat came off and maybe a little of the first that was under it. It’s not supposed to do that! Keeping pretty nails is hard!

Clearly women have some secret knowledge here.4 Anyone care to share?

  1. Yes, I know the picture makes it look blue. It’s teal, I swear
  2. Ashley put on the first coat, but I had her do the right pinky so I could work on it myself later. 
  3. Shiny and smooth! 
  4. Maybe I need to think of this like painting a car: smooth, sand, primer, wait, sand, paint, wait, sand, top coat, buff… 

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After a weekend working with my hands, and a third coat now drying (yeah, I’m typing this one-handed), I’m starting to understand why it might be better to paint toe nails — keeping pretty finger nails is hard work! ;-)

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