Biking Recap for September 2013

My September Bicycling Accomplishments

  • I participated in the BTA Bicycle Commuting Challenge, biking 213 miles with an 88.9% commute rate. It’s not 100% because I travelled to Folsom for a couple of days and didn’t bike 30 miles to the airport (or 630 to Intel Folsom).
  • I made a DIY waterproof bucket pannier. It’s great for a change of shoes (and clothes) for when the weather is wet.
  • I averaged 11.42 miles per day since getting Sage.1
  • I continued my streak of not commuting to work by car since sometime in May, even though some days were a little wet.

Mileage Summary

Distance Time / Bike
324 miles Biked in September 20132
1,376 miles Biked in 20133
1,211 miles Biked on Sage4

Keep pedaling!

  1. 1,211 miles / 106 days 
  2. 1,136 – 812 
  3. 1,136 + 240 
  4. 1,136 + 75 

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