1,000 Miles on the Odometer

When I took this picture, I was thinking this was a big deal — 1,000 miles on Sage! Then I remembered that when I got Sage, I had a different bike computer, and put 75 miles on it before I broke it. So, counting the five miles I biked after this picture, Sage now has 1080 miles on her.11080 miles / 90 days. That’s averaging 12 miles per day.

On my bike ride, I had another run at the 40 mph speed limit, and though I hit 38.4 mph, breaking my earlier record, the speed limit is still safe. And it’s likely to stay so. Obvious stupidity aside, I don’t have a death wish. I experienced a little front wheel wobble today and wouldn’t want to see what a little more speed would do to that.

Another day, another ride. And that’s a good thing! :-)

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    1080 miles / 90 days.
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