Biking Recap for June 2013

With getting a new bike, and breaking and replacing my cycle computer, tracking my distance biked this year and this month got a more complex. Fortunately, the milestone mileages make for easy math.

  • 165 miles — old bike, this year, including this month
  • 75 miles — new bike, old cycle computer, this month only
  • 62 miles — new bike, new cycle computer, this month only

Total for this year is 302 miles, 104 miles less than I had biked by this time last year. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much of the old bike mileage was from June. Through the end of April, I’d biked 95 miles. And I know I biked 137 miles on my new bike, all in June. That may be as good as it gets. The good news is, I have biked every day to work since getting my new bike, discounting the couple of days I traveled to Folsom for work.