Changing of the Cycle Computer

Yesterday, I moved my lights to the new bike; this evening I moved over the cycle computer. I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Riding without knowing my speed these past few days has been fun. I could pace myself based on the effort I wanted to expend. And based on that effort, my new bike Sage feels faster. I guess now I’ll find out for sure.

I used Strava on my smartphone to map and measure my bike commute today, including my regular Starbucks detour. It was pretty much what I thought, except I forgot to turn Strava off when I arrived at work, so I can also tell you far it is from where I lock my bike to my cube — and how fast I walked on the way.

I thought that might be a problem when I set off this morning. I don’t know whether I could ever train myself to start and stop Strava every time. For that matter, I might not have my smartphone with me every time I rode my bike.

Before the transfer, I recorded the odometer reading. Looks like I biked 165 miles this year on her.172,856 – 72,691

After the transfer to Sage, I reset the odometer to include only the 48 miles I’ve already biked on her. No more confusion whether I’ve really biked 23,000 miles on my bike. ;-)

Tell me about your biking adventures so far this year. Any new gear or new rides? Or maybe just a new attitude about riding?