Space Invaders

Space Invaders. “Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.” I had to forward this article, again. :-/

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6 responses to “Space Invaders”

  1. Sharmishtha Pal Avatar
    Sharmishtha Pal

    Ha ha … I just heard about this from someone ;-) Thankfully…I am a single-spacer by that, I never even gave it any thought :D Guess I shall…from now …

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Ha! You’re just throwing in all those random periods to mess with me, aren’t you? :-D

  3. Brent Logan Avatar

    I’m a big fan of the ellipsis, use them all the time… ;-)

    I do try to use three periods and not just two. I also try to be consistent with my spacing around them.

    But that’s just me… :-p

  4. Sharmishtha Pal Avatar
    Sharmishtha Pal

    Lol…not really…it’s just a manifestation of my garbled thought process…where coherence is a rare occurrence :-P

  5. Brent Logan Avatar

    Ah, that’s okay. Coherence is overrated. :-)