Blogan: 10th Anniversary Project Entry

To celebrate WordPress’ upcoming 10th anniversary this May 27, 2013, Dougal Campbell proposes blogging the following topics. Here goes!

When WordPress was first released in May 2003

  • I was 40 years old
  • I already had a web site
  • I had sold a domain name1

When I first started using WordPress in December 2004

  • I didn’t post under my real name, instead I used blogan
  • Posting an image meant including a small thumbnail image in the top corner of the post
  • I thought I could change people’s opinions by writing about politics and religion
  • I hadn’t heard of link rot
  • WordPress themes were CSS files and some images and CSS Zen Garden was amazing!
  • WordPress was on version 1.2, named for Charles Mingus
  • There were 8,000,000 blogs, yet 62% of Internet users didn’t know what a blog is

 Since I first started using WordPress

  • I learned CSS, some PHP, and can navigate the WordPress codex
  • I have tried more WordPress themes than I can remember, and provided a ton of support for the K2 theme on its forum
  • I lived by web stats, and now largely ignore them2
  • I learned to appreciate responsiveness in web sites
  • I have tried, App.Net, Blogspot, Facebook, 500px, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google+, Google Wave,, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, new MySpace, Pinterest, Plurk, Posterous, Pownce, Prezi, RebelMouse, Slideshare, Quora, Twitter, Vizify, Yammer, and Youtube3 but still consider this WordPress blog to be my online home

If you use WordPress, join in the fun!

Hat tip: WordPress Tavern.

1It’s a five letter, common word, dot com name that’s still parked…
2Sour grapes?
3And probably others…

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