Cityhoppers by Adrian Sommeling

Cityhoppers by Adrian Sommeling (adrian_sommeling) on

What a great picture!1Photo credit: Cityhoppers by Adrian Sommeling. Used by permission. Click the picture for a large view on 500px.

I like to take photographs from planes. If available, I’ll sit where the wing or engine doesn’t obstruct my view.

Unfortunately, there are always technical difficulties. The windows usually are dirty or scratched.2I like to carry a damp microfiber cloth to clean the windows without scratching them. Unfortunately, I have no access to the outside of the window and if I did, I don’t think I could wipe off the frost that can form at higher altitudes. The windows reflect whatever’s inside the plane.3To minimize this, I wear dark clothing and turn off my reading light. I’m looking into making a black velvet shroud with suction cups to completely block reflections, sort of like a homemade Lenskirt. And the windows always are too low to look out for long periods of time (or I’m too tall).4Sorry, no solution here. There’s not enough room between seats to slouch. I just get a sore neck. :-(

Although I’m not sure I’d want to sit on the wing, imagine the awesome, unobstructed views. :-)

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