W|A Personal Analytics of My Facebook Friends

WolframAlpha has analyzed the personal analytics of those who donated their Facebook data to W|A. Today, they posted some of the results on their blog.

Curious to see how I compare, here are a selected few results from my analytics.

Friend Clusters

My friend cluster shows five tight clusters for:

  • High school
  • Family
  • College
  • Church
  • In-laws

Scattered around are pockets of Intel people, Portland people, and those from a previous job. Notably absent are friends from law school. I’d like to say I have them on LinkedIn, but my mom taught me not to lie. ;-)

Friends’ Ages

Again, my Facebook friends’ ages match typical for the sample data, exhibiting the double humps centered around my age and my kids’ ages. It’s nice to see some friends to the far right.

Word Cloud

Yeah, I’m generally upbeat. But you already knew that. :-)