Every Lane is a Bike Lane

Los Angeles Metro is in the midst of a “share the road” campaign. They are posting the accompanying picture on billboards and the backs of buses. What a great idea!

Oregon law directs bicyclists to ride near the right side of the street, with a bunch of exceptions. In reviewing the list, I was surprised to see how many could apply to my daily commute, even though there are bike lanes much of the way.

  1. The lane is too narrow to let a bicycle and vehicle travel side-by-side
  2. The bicyclist is overtaking or passing another bike or vehicle
  3. The bicyclist is getting ready to turn left
  4. Riding close to the edge of the roadway is unsafe
  5. The bicyclist is traveling at the same speed as traffic
  6. On one-way streets, bicyclists can also ride to the street’s left side

Let’s be careful out there.

Hat tip: Urban Velo and Metro’s The Source.