Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Walk Time Lapse

We took a quick trip to Cannon Beach because the weather was so nice. We walked from W 2nd street to just beyond Haystack Rock and back. On the way back,1 I took a picture every ten paces to create a time lapse2 of the walk.3

Because of a disappearing cell phone, we walked the route a second time, re-tracing our steps and calling the cell phone’s number. Amazed that no one answered the phone (except when I mis-dialed once…Hi, Heather!) we again searched the coat, and found it!

  1. The first time… 
  2. Beach time lapse inspired by smelliot at GIFtychs
  3. I also created an animated gif of the walk, but beware — it’s 7.29 MB huge!. Update. Here’s an mp4 version. It’s only 355 KB. 

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