Buh Bye, Feedburner — Hello URI.LV

I was using Feedburner to provide my email subscriptions. Rather than wait for Google to kill Feedburner,1With Google killing Reader, Feedburner is next. Some would argue Feedburner has already received the fatal blow and we just don’t know it. I have moved my email subscriptions to URI.LV. If all works as planned, those of you who subscribed to my blog will continue to get my new posts (including this one) without disruption. If not, I’ll have some debugging to do.

I also had been using Feedburner to serve my RSS feeds. Same dealio; now URI.LV is doing this.

The subscribe buttons at the top and left now connect to URI.LV’s email newsletter service. RSS feeds should automatically go to the right place.

Fingers crossed. Looks like it worked. I’m so happy. :-)

By Brent Logan

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  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by .. and for such a great service!

    I’m interested in my newsletter subscribers so any sort of notification email when one joins so I can backup my list would be great.

    Google decided RSS redirect with stats and email wasn’t a viable business model for them, even though they gathered more information on their users to be able to server more relevant ads. What is your business model?

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it’s added in my todo-list :)

    Good question about the business model. At first I developed URI.LV for my own need, I wanted an alternative to FeedBurner for some famous websites we created, so it’s built on that hosting and it can easily handles hundreds of feeds.

    However given the popularity I’ll add a premium tier with special features to make the service self-sustainable.

  3. I’ve decided to go ahead and make the switch as well! Hate leaving a Google service, but I’d rather that then risk my RSS feed getting axed at the most inopportune time.

  4. The nice thing about URI.LV is that your subscribers will be subscribing to your feed and getting forwarded. Should URI.LV ever disappear, we won’t lose our subscribers, just our stats.

    BTW, I’m not missing Google.

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