Compassion and Arrogance

Where are you on this chart?

Btw, when I cleaned up this chart, I first replaced IQ with intelligence. After all, I’d like to think I could move move through the compassion dip. IQ is supposed to be unchanging, so I’d be stuck in place. Then I looked at the left end of the chart and it didn’t make sense. So I compromised.

How would you improve it?

Hat tip: I Love Charts, via It’s Okay To Be Smart.
Updated. Thanks, Shelby for the idea of improving the chart. Done. :-)

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3 responses to “Compassion and Arrogance”

  1. gwalter Avatar

    Interesting. I looked at your sources, but I’d love to see some supporting data, or at least the story behind the original chart.

    I mean, I get it. But, also, I’m unsure.

  2. shelbygoerlitz Avatar

    It’s late and I might be missing something, but I’m reading X left-to-right, and assuming IQ=100 in the middle. Hey, in the absence of info I make stuff up .

    So with that reading at first glance it looks like Compassion is where the less intelligent people start and Arrogance is where intelligence gets you.

    But then if you look at the colors closely the opposite seems to be true at the extremes, which makes me wonder about my reading in the first place.

    If I am close, then my suggested improvement would be to name the “lines” as Arrogance and Compassion not the “sides”.

    If I’m off, help me out.

    In any case, I hope I’m stupid enough to avoid that nasty inversion just right of center!

  3. Brent Logan Avatar

    Gary, I don’t think there’s any scientific data supporting this chart, just our experiences with people. I suspect you find a lot of truth in it.

    Shelby, I like how you make stuff up. And I think your interpretation is probably right. You’re right about that compassion crater — want to stay out of there! And thanks for the suggestion on making the chart more understandable. I made the changes.