The Other Person is Never the Problem

The other person is never the problem. “There will be no end to the offenses humanity can take against us, as long as we decide that everyone else is wrong, all the time.” A great article, even if you read only its final sentence.1And the quoted sentence isn’t it.

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    And the quoted sentence isn’t it.
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2 responses to “The Other Person is Never the Problem”

  1. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar
    Shirley Ann Goerlitz

    Great article…I read Leo’s Habits Blog all the time and love his encouragement to simplify and pare down. This is good advice…scrap all those expectations that we have been hauling about for so long…besides most of them are out of date anyhow!!

    I find myself not wanting to spend time where others are blaming, accusing or putting down others. It is very tiresome!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Yes, it’s great advice. I still have a hard time getting rid of expectations while driving. Just this morning, I was following someone driving 10 mph below speed limit … seriously?! Yeah, I need to chill. :-/