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ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
My mom loves me. she calls to make sure I’m happy. #

ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
My dad loves me. He doesn’t get me birthday presents, he sees things I like and sends them, no matter the time of year (or how silly). #

ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
My grandparents love me, they shout it at me when they forget to turn up their hearing aids. #

ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
My aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family love me. they’re delighted when I surprise them by showing up. #

ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
My wife loves me. she’s still here after some crazy shit. :-) #

ipstenu (Mika E.) @ipstenu
So basically… I’m very lucky to be this loved. I never forget it, and I love all them right back. #


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