Misguided Opinion or Brilliant Parody?

Obama is funding al quaida they are in the employ of the CIA benghazi was preplanned murderr in the first Obama is going to be in for atleast 3 more terms and will be another charismatic Hitler whom people will virtually worship as god all before he is wiped from the book of life and fed flames for he is worthy he is full throttle gay ,communist Muslim and devil possessed that’s why he is so greatly admired ‘ no greater deception can come upon human minds……..’

During election season we get to see the political opinions of our friends and our friends’ friends on Facebook. The quote above falls into the latter class.

I chose this rant because I can’t tell whether it’s terribly misguided or a brilliant parody.

And that’s sad…

Update. Upon further investigation, I’ve determined that it’s terribly misguided opinion. And that’s even sadder.

Yeah, I should have put [sic] all the way through the quote. Just realize that I just cut and pasted it from Facebook. All spellings, capitalizations, spacings, and punctuations are as originally posted (other than I changed the internal quote marks from double quotes to single to fit within the context).