Biking Recap for October 2012

I had a wimpy month on the bike!

October: 47 miles1
2012: 911 miles2

We finally got rain, a little before the middle of the month, and it’s stuck with us. Although I have rain gear in the closet, I lost the waterproof cover for my pannier earlier in the year. Although I don’t mind getting a little wet, my laptop must stay dry during the commute.

I’d make more excuses, but that would bore even me.

It’s time to jump back on the bike and get 89 miles before the end of the year. That shouldn’t be too hard.

How much did you bike in October?

Distance 47.23 miles
Average speed 13.3 miles per hour
Maximum speed 23.5 miles per hour
ATM 3:32:22 H:M:S

  1. 72,669 – 72,622 
  2. 72,669 – 71,758 

Author: Brent Logan

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