Back Up

Running on WordPress nightly builds, it’s amazing how few problems I get. This last week, my blog got bit, and hard.

In the process of bringing everything back, I learned a lot about WordPress’ database structure and ended up with a nice, clean options table.

It’s so nice to be back up!

Good backups are vital. :-)

2 responses to “Back Up”

  1. sherilee Avatar

    So have you always been WordPress, or just switched over? There was a post in my feed that said “welcome to your first WordPress post” but it went to a “page not found.” So I’m just curious. I have toyed with moving over to WP, but haven’t had the time to even think about it the past six months…

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I’ve been running WordPress since rev. 1.2, when I started this blog in December 2004. You saw the “welcome to WordPress” post because I reinstalled WordPress a couple of times in my attempts to recover my blog, including starting a new database.

    This is not a typical problem for the normal WordPress user. I’m “special” because I run the latest developer code which changes all the time (and is not necessarily stable), not the fully-validated releases. This is the first time it’s crashed the blog hard enough to damage the database.

    I have backups, so it was okay, and I got to learn some more about WordPress.

    I enjoy blogging with WordPress. I had a Blogger/BlogSpot blog for a while, and even another political WordPress blog, but this is my only blog now.

    If you’re contemplating moving to WordPress, we should talk. Could be lots of fun. :-)