Back Up

Running on WordPress nightly builds, it’s amazing how few problems I get. This last week, my blog got bit, and hard.

In the process of bringing everything back, I learned a lot about WordPress’ database structure and ended up with a nice, clean options table.

It’s so nice to be back up!

Good backups are vital. :-)

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By Brent Logan

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  1. So have you always been WordPress, or just switched over? There was a post in my feed that said “welcome to your first WordPress post” but it went to a “page not found.” So I’m just curious. I have toyed with moving over to WP, but haven’t had the time to even think about it the past six months…

  2. I’ve been running WordPress since rev. 1.2, when I started this blog in December 2004. You saw the “welcome to WordPress” post because I reinstalled WordPress a couple of times in my attempts to recover my blog, including starting a new database.

    This is not a typical problem for the normal WordPress user. I’m “special” because I run the latest developer code which changes all the time (and is not necessarily stable), not the fully-validated releases. This is the first time it’s crashed the blog hard enough to damage the database.

    I have backups, so it was okay, and I got to learn some more about WordPress.

    I enjoy blogging with WordPress. I had a Blogger/BlogSpot blog for a while, and even another political WordPress blog, but this is my only blog now.

    If you’re contemplating moving to WordPress, we should talk. Could be lots of fun. :-)

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