American Exceptionalism — Does it Matter?

I may be late to the game, but I just discovered the opening scene of The Newsroom.1There is a shorter version, but I think the context is good, at least for the first viewing. You can watch the shorter version for the second and third times you watch. You won’t need the context then.

Although there may be minor points I disagree with,2And I’m taking his statistics as factual. the basic point is an interesting one. Do we believe in “American exceptionalism”? There are some who claim our president doesn’t.

Maybe a better question is why he should. And why it matters.

Yeah, I’m going to get misinterpreted here. Fine. Whether or not America is the best country should have no bearing on whether we want to improve her. It’s probably more a reflection on ourselves, on what values we use to rank America.

Hat tip: “The problem is poverty” by Joe Bower of for the love of learning.

By Brent Logan

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