I’m No Superhero

I’m no superhero, but three to four times a year I save lives. In fact, I did it again today.

After lunch, I walked to the local library where the American Red Cross had a blood drive. In about an hour I’d saved up to three lives.

You could donate blood, too, even if you’re a wimp. I know, because I am.

What’s stopping you? Be someone’s hero.

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2 responses to “I’m No Superhero”

  1. William Carleton Avatar
    William Carleton

    Brent, what’s stopping me is that I nearly faint every time!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    William, I hear you! That’s me, too.

    But I figured out how to make it work. In fact, I wrote the post on donating blood for wimps. It works for me. I used the techniques today — all of them.

    I bet they will work for you, too.