Fading Sunset

This evening, I swapped a battery on the east side of town.1So much for my plans to finish fixing the A/C tonight. During lunch, I replaced the 24V transformer, providing power to the furnace control circuit, and the blower works. There is 240V to the condenser, but I just heard a loud click and nothing else. Looks like I’m replacing a start capacitor tomorrow. The whole way home, the sky gave me a color show.

Over Marquam Bridge, the west hills blocked the sun and the clouds overhead were translucent yellow with light rays illuminating their edges. Heading down the hill to 217, the huge orange disk ducked behind the coastal mountains as I lost elevation. Then the sun painted the bottom of the clouds an intense yellow, then orange, then red by the time I got home.

I ran through the house to the backyard, grabbing the camera on the way, but the sunset was fading.2Yes, this is my version of “the fish that got away” story. “The sunset was this beautiful!” ;-)

By Brent Logan

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