My cyclecomputer displays my 100 miles

Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 5

Today, Jamison and I reached our goal of bicycling 100 miles during our vacation. We’d decided to start out with the north loop, visiting the marina and the footbridge because we hadn’t yet this vacation. But no “it’s only a mile or so off the path” diversions today. We loaded up my pannier with water bottles and sports drinks and headed out.

Jamison and I took the longer North Imnaha loop and let others lead the rest of the day. We entertained ourselves by not pedaling on any downhill slope. Pro tip: a tuck position looks a little silly on a mountain bike.

Jamison hit 100 miles just after turning around at the stables. I had another mile or so to go. Of course, we took pictures so we could share our personal accomplishments with close friends and family, otherwise known as “bragging rights.”

After lunch, the girls headed to the village for some sister (and shopping) time.

When they returned, we all went tubing and then to the pool. It was later in the afternoon so the lines for the pool slides were short and tubes were always available. I even swam a few (couple?) laps. It was nice to be back in a pool lane. I wonder if the Olympics will fill up lap swim like New Year’s does.

Suzi and Melissa left the pool earlier to prepare supper. And what a supper it was! They made gazpacho. Mmm…

The kids got distracted with the Olympic opening ceremonies, so no evening ride tonight. Just as well. We’re all quite tired from all our playing. Don’t misunderstand — this is not a complaint. :-)

Okay, one complaint: we didn’t take many pictures of what we did today. I’ll try to make up for that tomorrow.

Update: I blew it! I didn’t realize that Heather also joined the 100-mile club today. We took some pictures to commemorate the event and I’ve added them above. Sorry, Heather. :-(