Benham Falls

Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 4

Ashley and I biked to Bellatazza’s Caffe for morning coffee. Ashley completed her job training while I read more of Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage. I questioned whether I should be reading a management book on vacation, but maybe that’s the trade-off for not checking my work email today.

After so much bicycling already this week, we decided to do a shorter morning ride, maybe just to Benham Falls and back. I said, “I think it’s only a mile or so off the bike path.”

I was wrong. According to the map, it’s 2.3 miles one way from the bike path, and that might only be to the falls’ parking area. The actual falls is farther than that. And it was a gravel and dirt road. Suzi and Jamison with mountain bikes and knobby tires were okay. Ashley and I with mountain bikes and smooth tires had it a little tougher. Heather and Melissa with their comfortable city bikes had it worst of all. Still, Lilly and Sweet Pea made the trek safely — and in style. :-)

Our total “morning” ride ended up being around 15 miles. So much for a shorter ride.

Mid-afternoon, Ashley and Melissa headed to the pool and Jamison and I headed for the tubing hill. After our first run, we ran into our cousins and sent them into the pool area to find Ashley and Melissa. Jamison and I tackled the tubing hill five or six more times, then followed them into the pool area. We went down the slides a few times and it was time to head back to our cabin. Where did the afternoon go?!

Predmores invited us over for a barbecue and diet cola and Mentos squirt. So much fun!

Afterward, we biked back, watching the sunset over our shoulders, and stopping to take some snaps.

Even with our “short” morning ride and no real evening ride, my odometer reads 89.7 miles — 20 miles for the day. :-)